Elvis & Dorothy Show

Two Legends; An Unforgettable Evening

In Story & Song

Audience members will be treated to a night of classic Elvis songs and other songs that relive the memories of yesteryear with our King of rock and roll.

Our young Elvis is being trained by the award-winning artist Elaine Presley, claimed as Elvis’s additional daughter and also big sister to Lisa-Marie Presley. Sharing various narratives alongside the concert – the show will be a delight to people of all ages.

Elvis Played By

Sage Spiker

An Evening of Story & Song

From the Land of Oz

Enter Dorothy Gale (Jennifer Shields) from the Land of Oz, on stage as she captures the magic and brings a young Judy Garland as Dorothy to life in her way.

Our Dorothy may not be like Elaine who is endorsed by the munchkins, or may not have performed live at the Hollywood Bowl or the Oz Sing-Along Tours, but – we can say for certain that she brings her magic to the stage and becomes Judy as Dorothy like you have never seen her before, alongside her basket and her little tiny cairn terrier too!

A live band preforms the music and songs of the night as we continue to travel down the yellow brick road and shares the story of the Wizard of Oz directly from Dorothy on stage, and several other surprises on this exciting new stage show awaits!! 

Like trivia – we also have a fun and exciting Wizard of Oz trivia game and YOU the audience members get to participate with us as you continue to enjoy the show and watch us LIVE!

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The Child of The KinG

Special Guests

People say DNA doesn’t make a family, but love does. When you test your DNA, you find the truth about your family and so many connections to others all over the world. After a difficult, but long journey, Elaine found herself part of a long line of people.

She found her family – her bloodline…and found out that she is indeed the daughter o the beloved Elvis and Priscilla Presley and sister to Lisa-Marie. Her book is now available on amazon as she tells her story to the world. She is not only an accomplished artist but an amazing individual.

Having doubts if she is related? Do you wonder why Elaine (Liz Presley) hasn’t be on national TV at this time? Why can’t we find anything on Graceland’s official web site about her? Maybe you are asking yourself, hmm… this can’t be right! If she was related to Elvis and his daughter Priscilla would have said something by now right?

Want to meet her in person? We hope you do – and you will! All these questions will be answered, and a whole lot more!

Come to our show and find out for yourself! We can’t wait to meet you and have you meet her! She is amazing! Learn more about Elaine Liz by visiting her official web site.

A Special Message From Elaine Presley

I, Elaine Elizabeth Presley am so delighted to be working with Aaron Pacentine, the director of “The Elvis and Dorothy Show.” I believe that he as director and myself as co-host make a dynamic stage match. Then, the most amazing performance occurs when the talented actor Sage, our Elvis actor (personally mentored by me of the Presley family ), enters. This creates a truly magical experience.

Our show is so exciting with a powerhouse cast, and it would make any
show sponsor proud. So, come on down to be part of this historic event! And, for an added guest bonus, we have a few memorable surprises just for you!

See you at the show!

Elaine Elizabeth Presley

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