Family Films Updates – Welcome !

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Hey Everyone!

By now you guys have seen and look around our new site with Family Films Productions. We are working with a wonderful, and amazing company. They know what they are doing, and they stop at nothing to make web site design, and much more come to life! Thank you to, “Troy” for what you are doing.  We thank you for you, and us and the community, of Putting up with us has meant a lot, and we all are grateful!

Here on the blog – more things are coming! Film reviews will be written and shared, rare Oz fact will be presented, and much more coming soon.  If you don’t like what you see – you can go elsewhere. Thank you for supporting us!

Remember, we are a small company and sometimes orders don’t get shipped out asap. We had also been sadly, dealing with a “recent death” in my family. I personally thank you all for your support, understanding and continued as we are getting back on track!