"The Parent Trap"

The Legacy of The Parent Trap

Coming Fall 2021

From Family Films Productions

Family Films Productions is developing The Legacy of The Parent Trap, a documentary film that gives a retrospective insight into developing The Parent Trap. The film is currently in post-production.

The Legacy of

The Parent Trap

From the Original

What to Expect?

The film features memories and stories of various cast and crew, about the original 1961 film and its three sequels.

Among the interviews, all-new footage featuring Hayley Mills is included. Additional interviewees include Tom Skerritt, Carrie Kei Heim, Creel triplets including, Monica Creel Lacy, Leanna & Joy Creel, Susan Henning, Ron Maxwell (Director of Parent Trap II, Mollie Miller (Director of Parent Trap III/Hawaiian Honeymoon), Tommy Sands, and Joanna Barnes and even Lynette Winters, and Kay Cole (camp inch scenes).

 Bridgette Andersen‘s Teresa mother discusses reflections on experiences that occurred on-set during filming of The Parent Trap II, with director Ron Maxwell, among others. Marilyn McCoo also is featured sharing memories about recording music for Parent Trap II.

Charles Fox wrote the theme, “Let’s Get What We Got” which was the title music in the opening for “The Parent Trap II”, and the entire music score. He is also featured on-camera talking about his experiences.

into the life of

Erich Kästner

The project analyzes and focuses on the life of Erich Kästner who wrote the original German book, Das Doppelte Lottchen that the films were based on.

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The Legacy of the Parent Trap