Reflections in the Mirror - Spin-off to Disney's "Return to Oz"


Reflections in the Mirror - Spin-off to Disney's "Return to Oz"

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Reflections in the Mirror – A Spin-off to Disney’s Return to Oz  (Short Film) 

Produced by Family Films Productions 
Story Created by Aaron Pacentine
Script by Aaron Pacentine & Jason Denison
“Reflections in the Mirror” is an affectionate look at “Return to Oz” from the perspective of a true fan. It makes you want to revisit the original cult classic. Michael Williams, Producer of Ozland & The Atoning 

A young man named Randy (Randy Bruce) knows that the Land of Oz is calling his name as he has a big obsession with the 1985 film, Return to Oz.  After he goes to sleep – he goes on a journey and mysteriously finds different objects from the Land of Oz throughout a park. Later in the dream, we meet (older Randy) (Jason Smither)  it is about 15 years later and Randy (now older) still enjoys the Return to Oz film. During the dream, he encounters even a headless witch. The film stars Randy Bruce as young Randy and Jason Smither as Randy 15 years later. The film also stars Marlena Richardson as the Voice of the Witch.


– Interviews With Randy Bruce & Jason Smither

– Reflections in the Mirror: Music & Recording Sessions with Randy Bruce and Audrey McDonald

Includes a first look at Randy singing the Reflections in the Mirror theme.

– Returning To Oz – With Dying Seed & Audrey McDonald 

  Artists Dying Seed & Aurdey Mcdonald share their thoughts about the 1985 film Return to Oz and about being a part of Oz history and recording the original song, Reflections in the Mirror written by producer Aaron Pacentine. They also “reflect” on their take on the song and how it relates to the 1985 Disney film.


– Randy’s Fun Facts

Fun and entertaining facts about Disney’s Return to Oz are shared by Randy Bruce. 


– Bloopers 

If you haven’t gotten your digital download yet of the new “Reflections in the Mirror” single with Audrey McDonald also the film’s version with the artist, Dying Seed with vocals and guitar.


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