The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz


The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – 2-Disc Set 2016 Release by / Aaron Pacentine


Dalicia LaFleur as The Young Dorothy
 Jason McCoy as the Narrator
 Justin Wilczynski as Entertainment Host 
Tom Hendricks as Oz Trivia Facts Host 
Delinda Layne as Aunt Em 
Catty Donnelly as The Tin-Woodman 
Finnigan Morris  as The Scarecrow 
 Joe Donelan as The Lion
 Steven Ross as The Wizard 
Aaron Pacentine  as The Young Person 
Mary Jo Ip as Glinda/Good Witch
 Tracy Pfau as the Munchkin 
 Lisa Hale as The Evil and Talented Wicked Witch 
Produced by Aaron Pacentine of and Co-Produced by Robert Welch. 


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