Disney's Return To Oz

Disney's "Return to Oz"

"Remembering Return to Oz"

“Remembering Return to Oz” is a documentary look back on memories featuring the cast/crew of Disney’s 1985 film, “Return to Oz.” This film is the first time that the main cast/crew have been together in a feature documentary talking about the 1985 film in over 30 years.

Coming in 2021

An In-depth Look into the 1985 Film

We faithfully return to the land of Oz, where that adventure down the broken yellow brick road begins. 

It has been quite a journey, a very long road but we are finally almost to the finished line over 5 years in the making! With established Producer Aaron Pacentine, and first-time director, Aaron Schultz they bring you a film that has a lot of love they that both share for the 1985 cult classic film. Elizabeth Reems is the executive producer on the film project.

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Disney's "Return to Oz"

Original RTO Merchandise

Lots of merchandise has been put out from all over the world from the “Return to Oz” film. Most interestingly, some of the most rare and sought after items came from the United Kingdom and Japan. Collectible after collectible has been made, but as much know it is very difficult to find these items today as so few were produced.

Walt Disney Presents

Original Marketing of the Film

Ever since the 1970’s Walt Disney theme parks would put on a parade. But on special occasions at night they would put on an “Electrical Parade” with bright shiny lights all over the floats. In 1984 they made a Return to Oz float hoping it would go over well.

According to sources it was quite large and very, very beautiful. The Oz Characters consisted of a live girl playing Dorothy who carried a fake chicken, costumed versions of the Scarecrow and Lion, and a life-sized marionette of The Tin Woodman, along with Tik-Tok and Emerald City Dancers.

The float was set to look like the Throne Room at the Emerald City and was completely covered in mirrors. It was these very mirrors that led to the floats destruction. Late in the summer Return to Oz float caught on fire and was never replaced.

It was only available to view that one Summer. There was however a survivor from this tragedy…Its Tik-Tok! He is still in working condition and stays at the home of a well known private collector last we heard. Parade photo by Bearride.

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