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 This extraordinary platform online now in it’s 18th year offers an awe-inspiring array of content that will leave film enthusiasts and music lovers very happy at the end of the day.  With the offerings this web site has for you, get ready and be prepared to be transported to a world of captivating storytelling and unforgettable melodies with films that inspire, touch your heart, leave you singing and learning about various film documentery’s that have never been touched before in great length like what Family Films Productions does.


 The Legacy of The Parent Trap –  Documentary Film Series with Hayley Mills, Susan Henning, Joanna Barnes, and many more.






“Remembering Return to Oz” is an award-winning documentary on the Disney 80s cult classic “Return to Oz”. The film stars Fairzua Balk (actress), Emma Ridley (actress), Sophie Ward  (actress), director Walter Murch, Gary Kurtz (producer),

 Paul Manslasky (producer), and many more. This film was the last project that the late Gary Kurtz had been credited with on IMDb before he passed away.




The  original film musical, “I Am Erich Kästner: A Time Taveling Adventure.” Based upon the book, written by Pacentine, this musical film is an immersive journey through the fascinating life and brilliant works of celebrated German author Erich

 Kästner, as he travels through time. With a bewitching blend of vibrant storytelling, stirring music, and stunning visuals, that incporate bith life-action and animation this film musical we hope will leave you with knowing there is “No Place Like Home”, with hints and thoughts inpspired by the beloved story of “The Wizard of Oz”. Learn more about the film, and buy the movie here!