Disney’s Parent Trap Series

The documentary film series focuses on the 1961 Parent Trap film, and various 80s sequels, “The Parent Trap II”, Parent Trap III”, and Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon. With all-new stories and interviews from Hayley Mills, Susan Henning, Joanna Barnes, directors Ron Maxwell (The Parent Trap II), Mollie Miller (Parent Trap III/Honeymoon). Uncredited Camp Inch Girls, make a rare appearance including Kay Cole, Lynette Winter, and Barbara Hunter, more. Various cast/crew come together for the first time in over 30 years sharing stories about the films. Carrie Hiem (Nikki Farris) from Parent Trap II shares stories along with Tresea Andersen (Mother, to the late Bridgette Andersen) in a special tribute. We join the Creel triplets as they share about the journey of filming Parent Trap III and going to Hawaii. It is a trip down memory lane, you will never forget as we celebrate the legacy of one of the most popular life action Walt Disney films of all time. Produced by Aaron Pacentine / Family Films Productions and narrated by Christopher Inlow.