Remembering Return to Oz

June 22, 2022

Remembering Return to Oz

Remembering Return to Oz – The new official #documentary Trailer is here! Happy 37 years to Return to Oz down the broken #yellowbrickroad #returntooz #disney #nowavailable #disneyoz #waltdisney #cultclassic

It has been over 5 years in the making and we are happy to have this film finished and we hope you enjoy it. You can buy the official version of REMEMBERING RETURN TO OZ here – 

Award Winning Documentary Film on the Cult-Classic Disney Film “RETURN TO OZ” Now Released As Viewers Discover The Story Behind Walter Murch’s Oz From 1985

(June 22nd 2022 – The release of “Remembering Return to Oz” May 17th, the first, full length documentary film, is a momentous occasion, both for its makers and the fans of this epic and all time great movie made by Disney in 1985 that gets overlooked. Dorothy’s depressive state, shock treatment, a mechanical wind up named Tik-Tok, a Pumpkinhead named Jack, and a flying couch

with a talking moose head. Let’s not forget the amazing talking chicken. Everything from those characters to the making of the film. It’s all here, 80s Disney and “Return to Oz” fans will be happy. The documentary features many revealing stories from director Walter Murch, producers Paul Maslansky, Colin Michael Kitchens, and the late Gary Kurtz. A special highlight is the rare, on camera interview with Fairuza Balk, famous her role as Dorothy on “RETURN TO OZ” her first major film role. She has for playing “goth characters” such as her character Nancy on “THE CRAFT”.

For the very first time in over 30 years, the main cast/crew of this cult movie get together and remember the movie and the behind-the-camera. Most that have never been made available to the public before, The documentary has been in the making for over five years. As per sources and IMDB, this is the last film to have Gary Kurtz and Will Vinton appear together before they passed away.

“Remembering Return to Oz” is the labor of love for Producer Aaron Pacentine, who is joined by director Aaron Schultz on his very first movie and maybe his only movie ever. The duo are ardent fans of this cult classic film.

Elizabeth Reems is the executive producer, along with additional producers, Brandon Braverman Saitel, Michael Lykins, BJ Swarner, Liz Burrougo, Ryan Vox, and Joshua Duke.

“I am so thankful to be able to release the film documentary. I really hope that fans of “RETURN TO OZ” will realize that this film is not only a passion project for myself (and the director Aaron Schultz) but produced out of the love and respect I have for the 1985 film, and all the cast and crew. I don’t think the film, would be as good as it is today without the director Walter Murch, Paul Maslansky, and finally Fairuza Balk being a part of this very special film,“ said Aaron Pacentine, Producer.

“Remembering Return to Oz” details the making of one of the most famous Oz films of all time, and the first OZ life action movie Disney has produced, with the first Disney princess, Ozma (Emma Ridley) The behind-the-scenes coverage is on the bold side, and viewers the producer hopes are kept to the edge of their seat. With so many amazing stories being told, about the making of the film, and the Disney administration This film – will leave you will knowing more about the fantasy masterpiece, as you watch this film. The documentary includes cast members like Emma Ridley, Justin Case and Pons Marr, and Jim Henson’s son, Brian Henson. We even have Tik-Tok’s double, Peter.

Fans of the epic 1985 film were delighted when the Disney Movie Club released a restored version, when a petition was started online. However, even Disney hasn’t brought out a full-length feature film that re-unites the cast and crew ever. Disney’s “Return to Oz” wasn’t marked well in the United States, but throughout the film viewers learn about the international markets, from the late Gary Kurtz. That makes “Remembering Return to Oz” even more special.

To add to the excitement, fans will see Fairuza on-camera and talk in public about the movie in a very long time. She shares details of her time on the set, and never before heard stories excessively, to this documentary. At least since, 1999 when the company Anchor Bay re-released the film on VHS and DVD. At the time of the re-release in 1999 a very short interview was seen as one of the bonus features including a brief intro by Fairuza Balk herself.

“Return to Oz” is seen as an unofficial sequel to “Wizard of Oz”, released in 1939 by Metro Goldwyn-Mayer. “Return to Oz” was more a story on it’s own and based on the 2nd and 3rd books of the Wizard of Oz book series, by L. Frank Baum. As told by the director Walter Murch, in “Remembering Return to Oz”, “The cut of the film (Return to Oz) is the cut I wanted”. The 85 film begins with Dorothy (Fairuza) returning to the Land of Oz only to find it taken over by the Nome King. The film was nominated at the Oscars for best visual effects.

“An excellent documentary. Aaron Schultz and Aaron Pacentine are able to capture the history of one of the most excellent and strange children’s films of all time.” – Best Documentary, Imagine Rain Film Awards.

The documentary has also won several awards including Honorable Mention, DaVinci International Film Festival; Best Fan Film at L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Festival; and Best Documentary Film at the ONYKO Film Awards.

Viewers can look forward to some memorable experience as Aaron Pacentine has is own cut on Vimeo. The film will be released also on Amazon Video and other platforms.

Official version Vimeo-On-Demand: Remembering Return to Oz – Official Version

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